indigo heights x tobi: part three

part three of my collaboration with tobi is here, and i’ve definitely saved the best for last! 

stephen and i took the ferry over to the town of amalfi. we explored the little shops & picturesque streets. it was hot out, so hot that stephen bought himself a fedora on the fly…. so naturally, i chose the lightest, airiest, most comfortable outfit in my suitcase. enter: the ‘grace lavender floral print bow-front romper’. i’m obsessed with purple. i even at one point in my life had lavender-hued hair…. so the color scheme on this piece really suits my style. i love the detail on this. the bow-front allows for you to be as modest or as revealing as you’d like and it also allows you to control the tightness of the romper on a whole. the ruffle on the bottom of the shorts is pretty, feminine, and makes it feel more like a mini sundress (without the hassle of actually wearing a dress)!

i took the ruffle and ran with it by wearing natural-toned, ruffle-slide sandals by seychelles. i left the hotel in a white fan statement earring, but wound up upping the jewelry ante by purchasing a handmade mauve-colored beaded tassel statement necklace from a street vendor in amalfi. it went perfectly, and believe it or not, it didnt clash at all with the earrings i was already wearing!

my gucci crossbody was convenient, roomy, but small enough to be comfortable on my body all day. we had an amazing time in amalfi. in fact, we almost felt we liked amalfi more than positano (which is a controversial thing to say!!!!).

when it came to photography, there were tons of nooks, alleys, arches, smooth stucco walls…. the architecture in this town was amazing, and being a person who wears a lot of prints, i thought it made for beautiful backdrops to showcase busy outfits. in positano, the details are abundant — tiles, textured roofs, mosaics — which from a photo standpoint, look a lot better when you’re wearing solids. basically, i got to amalfi – took one look around – and was tempted to take the ferry back to grab additional outfits to shoot!!!

but alas – i’ll have to wait until my next trip to the amalfi coast, right? this gorgeous romper is on sale now for $29 which is an incredible steal! click here to purchase it for yourself before it sells out! shop the rest of my look below, and don’t forget to spread the word about indigo heights on instagram!


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