street style with euro-flare

i love love love this boho-glam look. i wore it out to dinner in my father’s hometown of san vito, calabria. he was 11 years old when he moved to the united states, and while our villa is quite close to his hometown, it’s located about 20 minutes away by car. the town of san vito is like a ┬átime capsule. it’s ancient – with tiny, winding cobblestone streets and colored buildings. i knew that i had to wear something with unique, european flare if i was trying to compete with my surroundings.

i opted for this kaleidoscope maxi skirt from target, and i paired it with a blush knit top from zara. this top is meant to be worn off both shoulders, but i decided to get creative and wore it as a one-shoulder shirt. i’ve linked you all to similar styles that are actually one-shoulder!

as far as accessories are concerned, i’m sporting pieces that i purchased while on my trip! my tassel necklace is a handmade gem that i found in the town of amalfi (comparable to the sam edelman tassels which i already own), and my sandals are also handmade (designed by yours truly!) by the cobblers in positano. i genuinely don’t know what i would have worn to complete this outfit! i packed tons of options, but how perfectly planned do these accessories match!? this look was elegant and fun, with special touches that are specific to italy.

my favorite part of this shoot was meeting a little old lady (seen in the back of a few of my shots) who had moved to my hometown of bayonne, nj before moving back to san vito. she loved watching me shoot this look, and it was a fun challenge trying to explain to her what a style blog was. it’s a small, small world indeed. follow along on instagram, and shop this look below!


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