channeling jackie o in positano 

the hubs and i spent a full morning strolling through the streets of positano, finding the best views in town. we popped in and out of shops and ate lunch at la sponda – the hottest restaurant in positano, located inside the impeccably-designed (and celebrity-ridden) le sirenuse hotel. for this exact reason, i knew i had to bust out a serious look.

i love the classic, chic, airy, couture vibe of this two piece gingham set from shein. at only $28, this is a diamond in the rough that’ll have you looking like a million bucks (or at the very least, a former First Lady.) in order to make this cheap find believable, i paired it with vintage gucci.

this is a tactic i use often! when something looks pricey, it’s important to play up the high end look with quality accessories to tie it all together. a topknot and some oversized shades completed the look and i was ready for a day in one of the most stunning cities i’ve ever seen.

have you done this before? what’s one go-to piece that you use to up the value of your outfits? you can shop this entire look linked below. keep following along on instagram, and check out shein for amazing deals on couture styles!

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