re-shoot, she scores!

you guys, this is about as preppy as it gets for me. i happened upon this short-sleeved, partial button down in target and couldn’t resist. i loved the pattern and the texture – but in full disclosure, i shot this top with a totally different outfit and when i looked at the pics i thought “wait, who is that girl?!” every once in a while, the blog life calls for a re-shoot.

… so that’s just what i did. initially this top was paired with ballet flats & white jeans. i wore it untucked, the pattern was taking over my entire top half, and i looked straight out of a talbot’s catalogue. not to knock talbots… but for those who are loyal followers of indigo heights, it’s pretty clear that’s just not my style.

for the re-shoot, i wore a denim mini and elongated my legs with mega-platform wedges. i instantly looked 5 years younger, 5 pounds thinner, and it only took 5 more minutes of my time. (just kidding, it took like 15 more minutes but i had a thing going there and i didn’t want to wreck it…..) accentuating my waist and adding a darker color into the mix had the shirt blending with and complimenting the look rather than overwhelming me and my petite frame. this was an amazing example of how the right piece can easily be worn the wrong way. thanks to a little added effort, i came out the other side with a look fit for campus, rather than parent-teacher night. i’ve linked this shirt in two different styles – and this exact style in plus size! it’s a great cut and fit, and is a beautiful alternative to a basic tee. shop the look below – and be sure to follow me on instagram to stay in the loop!


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