spread your wings: a guide to feeling good in tight clothing

i pulled up to the valet at the embassy row hotel in washington, d.c. and there they were: multi-colored graffiti art angel wings, just waiting to have their day #ontheblog. i was beaming as i mentally recapped what i had packed in my suitcase. i decided on the perfect look before we even made it up to the room… but it consisted of a skin-tight mini dress, which sounded all sorts of victoria’s secret scary.

this striped & stretchy tank dress from express is a super useful addition to anyone’s closet, because it’s one of those pieces that can truly be dressed up or down – if you’re daring enough to wear it. it’s tight and the stripes are indeed horizontal, so ladies step one to feeling good in form fitting pieces like this one? get your spanx out for this little number! the good news is, once this dress is on and you’ve stepped out in it, you’ll feel anything but angelic!

another key to optimal confidence in minimal fabric: don’t be afraid to visit the tailor! as you can see in the product linked below, off the rack this dress comes much longer than i’m wearing it. the tight fabric is supposed to hit at the knee. at five feet tall, for me, that means it hits even below the knee. i loved the colors, i loved the fit, but i hated looking (and feeling) like i was in a straight jacket…. so i compromised a bit of fabric to allow my little knees to breathe! once i could really strut, i knew the dress was ready for it’s debut.

i paired this look with my solid black mules – though i’ll admit, had i known about this, i probably would have rocked a pink shoe. when you’re living out of a suitcase, the options are limited! my gucci bag made an appearance, and around my neck, the mckenna monogram from shop julia marie was showcased beautifully.

this is the perfect date night look! i wore it out to dinner and to mosy around afterwards. i loved how i felt during this shoot, and you can too if you take the right steps to ensure your sexiest garments fit like a glove. what would you wear in front of these angel wings? tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your cat, tell your man…. follow me on instagram!


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