the brunch files: garrison, d.c.

it’s that time again! my trip to d.c. added many restaurants to the roster of indigo heights-approved dining establishments, and garrison makes the cut and then some.

with a small outdoor patio and a wood-washed interior, the design is rustic yet sleek with an earthy flair. but let’s be real…. i didn’t come here to take in the decor. i have to preface this by saying we really overdid it at this brunch. we went out of our way to try (literally) a majority of the menu, and totally left feeling the best kind of bloated. i’ll go down the list of things we ordered ‘for the table’:


buttermilk biscuits – light and airy with the most incredible house-made butter that was part sweet/part salty. poppyseed gougères – a gougère is a savory choux pastry in french cuisine (think the outside of a cream puff) duck sausage – literally so ridiculously good, i have nothing intelligent to even say about this other than YUMsmoked potatoes with just the right amount of crisp and applewood bacon because whenever my husband is in tow… so is bacon.

then, as though we didn’t have enough food, the entrees showed up! two of us tried the toasted parker house roll which is basically garrison’s version of taylor ham, egg & cheese. the egg was cooked to JUST the right amount, the spices were delicious. the other two tried the brown butter pancakes which came with fresh ricotta and berry preserves. like the biscuits, the texture in this dish was perfection!

i also want to add that we pretty unanimously loved our waitress at garrison. it was wonderful hospitality all around, but she carried with her a confidence and a ‘matter of factness’ (especially when describing a dish) that is likely what had us trying the entire menu in the first place! many thanks to garrison for the food, the booze, the laughs, and for redefining the ‘food coma’. if you’re in the d.c. area, check them out in-person! follow garrison on instagram. and if you haven’t already, follow indigo heights!


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