the tropical wide leg silhouette fit for all of your summertime brunch plans

this outfit is seriously one for the books. i “had no idea” i was going to my surprise birthday brunch (ok i knew something was up, i just wasn’t sure what, so i came prepared for just about anything). initially, i had planned to wear a skimpy short set for my birthday plans, but at the last minute i changed it all around when i found these high waisted wide-bell tropical trousers from zara

funny story — my husband and i were shopping in the flatiron district, and he knows i always spend a while in zara (hello lines!) so he decided to mosy while i did my thing. cut to him showing up right as i’m getting ready to swipe my card at the register – $170 later. He said the look on my face when he showed up was pure horror. “whatcha doing?” “oh…… just a little damage……….” — when all was said and done, i was thrilled that i decided to semi-splurge on these pants because they truly were the star of the show at my 30th birthday. (i’ve linked a few similar pairs below!)

another reason i switched up my initial look was because my sweet hubby got me the most beautiful turquoise earrings & bracelet as a birthday gift and i just had to wear them asap! they went perfectly with the pants, and it was a wrap. i kept it semi-simple on top by sporting an off the shoulder white lace bustier from francesca’s, kept the makeup bronzey (channeling the ageless jlo in her green versace gown) and grabbed a neon accent clutch to keep things bright, tropical and fun.

i was comfortable, confident and happy as ever in this outfit. do you think you’d rock such a bold statement pant? which is your favorite from the similar options i’ve linked? follow me on instagram to stay in the loop!


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