two jumpsuits, one girl: part two

if you read part one, you saw the daytime denim culotte number that i was sporting from old navy. now, i’m showing off the more sophisticated linen version that i wore to a blogger cocktail event sponsored by out of office ny. my fellow fashionistas did not believe me when i told them this piece was from old navy!!! this was the perfect example of attainable and affordable fashion and how the right accessories can have you looking like a million bucks in something that only cost you forty. these jumpsuits both came with average bib-straps, but in an effort to jazz it up a bit (and tighten the top), i detached the straps and tied it in a halter instead. the denim had to physically be trimmed, but this linen floral piece has straps that button – meaning you can criss cross them, tie them in a halter, or wear them the standard way! old navy #FTW! check out the fun video i made at the dubdub nyc loft featuring both jumpsuits and shop the whole look below! which do you prefer? are you a denim gal or is the floral speaking to you? follow me on instagram and twitter for more where this came from!


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