thirty thoughts at thirty

well, here it is: the big 3-0! i can’t believe how fast time flies by. it felt like yesterday i was packing up to go to college and now here i am, a married woman, entering a new decade, with leaps i feel super ready for – and bounds that still sound scary – all right around the corner. i recently browsed an article: “47 things i’ve learned in my 40’s” and it was super inspiring. a lot of it resonated with me, but some of it applies differently to a woman my age, so i wanted to make a list of my own. i should note: i’m not a big fan of list-posts. i try to avoid them whenever possible because they can easily lack substance. but in this case… hitting a milestone decade calls for a post that’s concise & to the point. so without further adieu, here are my thirty thoughts at thirty:

  1. halal cart at 6pm is the new halal cart at 3am, and that’s ok.
  2. daily exercise will keep you fit — and it will also clear your mind.
  3. take a daily probiotic. it’ll feel so. damn. good.
  4. when it’s not in your control… let it go.
  5. find someone who lets you be you, unabashedly, without a shred of shame or reservation. then, stick to that person for life because there’s no better feeling than being loved for every single one of your quirks.
  6. “friends are the family we choose for ourselves” – you’re allowed to be picky, and so is everyone else.
  7. do everything with confidence, including failing. i promise, it paints a much more interesting picture regardless of the outcome.
  8. gone are the days of being afraid of failure. failure means you tried, and trying makes for a story where you would have had none.
  9. squash inner hesitation. take chances. “i’ll jump and figure it out on the back end” is the way to go when you’ve hit the big 3-0.
  10. no, you don’t have to have your career all figured out. yes, you can change it at the drop of a hat.
  11. always bring a gift to the hostess. it’ll make her day to receive a trinket, and it’ll make yours to show appreciation. plus… cute wrapping paper, duh!
  12. if you haven’t learned how to wrap a gift yet…. now’s the time.
  13. you don’t ever need a reason to dress up.
  14. cute gym clothes are only a worthy investment if your “getting-to-the-gym” clothes are on par.
  15. you don’t have all the answers. sometimes, you have to zip it, listen, and work to see the other perspective.
  16. on that note… call your mom. she has all the answers.
  17. stop trying to plan your life within every square inch. leave a little room for surprise and spontaneity. life’s gonna do what it wants to anyway.
  18. never underestimate the power of taking your laptop to starbucks and getting in the zone. with this quality time… you can move mountains.
  19. stop paying $6 for starbucks lattes. it’s iced coffee or bust. piggy bank the rest & take an amazing vacation.
  20. travel as often and as far as possible. go to the places they warned you about.
  21. splurge on nicer hotels. at 30, the miami beach crap-shack has an effect on you. hotel rooms are no longer “just to crash”. at 30, you have permission to invest in the luxurious experience.
  22. stop judging reckless college kids. that was you once, you old fart.
  23. never stop having the occasional girls night out. you need them to blow off steam, you need them to feel connected and you need them for the insta story.
  24. getting older is not an excuse to wear kitten heels. suck it up, buy some dr. scholls inserts & get to steppin’.
  25. some of your oldest & dearest friendships are going to fizzle & fade. open your heart to the reality of this change.
  26. if something compels you… speak up, even when no one else will. take the consequences, take the blame, but for god’s sake — say something. life is too short.
  27. however, your way of life is not the only ‘right way’. keep an open mind. be direct, without being insensitive.
  28. do all things with love as your main intention.
  29. find the fun in even the most challenging of days. it’s in there somewhere, waiting for you.
  30. BE YOU, all 30 years of you, without apology, without hesitation. 

what would you add to this list? what resonates with you the most? follow along on instagram as i navigate my thirties & beyond!

3 thoughts on “thirty thoughts at thirty

  1. Love this list.

    Some stuff I have realized at 30 are:

    1. Treat yourself to a mani and pedi- it will help with your mental state
    2. You find out who your true friends are when you have a kid. And when you do- keep them close and hold on to them. They are your lifers.
    3. Hang on to your girlfriends- they will tell you when you are being an idiot and when you are in the wrong. They will also be your support system when times get tough.
    4. Love with all your heart.
    5. Call your parents and grandparents.

  2. Things I have realized:
    1. Cheat days aren’t cheating, it’s called living. Eat what you want in moderation.
    2. Take walks. Look around. You’ll notice things you wouldn’t have seen if you were moving faster.
    3. Seems like a contradiction but, NEVER leave your earbuds at home (mostly applicable in New York).
    4. Always be reading a good book. And if it’s bad, don’t be afraid to just stop reading it.
    P.S. Mom totally knows all the answers.

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