the brunch files: yardbird, miami

IMG_1281.jpgwhile vacationing in miami, i ate some epic soul food at yardbird. with an outpost in vegas and two more coming soon to beverly hills & singapore, it’s safe to say this restaurant is a smash hit. the interior is modern-rustic with lots of natural light and even an outdoor space for al fresco dining… but i’m to blinded by the ridiculous food to even discuss aesthetics right now. between the four of us, we ordered a tonof stuff to share around the table. we started with the skillet jalapeƱo cornbread, which came with a honey butter glazed on top… and then we moved on to the “lewellyn’s fine fried chicken” which was superb crispness on a plate. it comes with a honey hot sauce that is unlike anything i’ve ever tasted. real talk: we had two orders of this. in addition to multiple sides: macaroni and cheese, cheddar grits, and green beans which were a unique twist on a basic side because they come doused in smoked yogurt & toasted almond vinaigrette. the sweet tea tastes authentically delicious, and the dessert menu is one of the best i’ve seen in a while. i opted for the fried oreo – which comes “battered” in rice krispies. it was heaven on a plate. yardbird is a must-have for any south florida vacation. seriously. travel for this food. have any of you already eaten here? what did you think?! what should i try next time i’m in miami? follow me on instagram to stay in the loop!

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