francesca’s outfit overload

francescas.jpgi love me some francesca’s. i always have a great shopping experience when i’m in the store, and they frequently release new (and affordable) pieces that are unique statements.

there’s a francesca’s boutique right in my neighborhood, and i swear the salesgirls think i’m nuts because i’m in there at least three times a week. in fact, i’m working on a fun earth day collaboration with their management (stay tuned!) since we’re on a first name basis. i’m the local francesca’s nut, and i’m damn proud of it. for my next spring look, i wanted to go francesca’s head to toe. in this case, it’s more like head to ankle since my black suede mules are from steve madden, but every other aspect of this outfit is made up of francesca’s pieces. jeans/earrings/top/clutch (last season but similar found here). the ‘cold shoulder’ top is embroidered with such detail and gives off an old world feel. it’s dressed up beautifully with the drop earrings – and though they’re gold in color – they still fit the vibe because of their threaded texture. i love this look because it’s not super dressy. it’s a comfortable and elegant look for a springtime dinner and some cocktails. if you have a store that you love and frequent, comment below and tag me on instagram with your head to toe one-store-only looks!

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