indigo heights x unpretty cookie co

unprettycookiecoeveryone knows i love food. i also love supporting small businesses, and when i was given the opportunity to combine these two loves…. it was a no-brainer.

through the power of social media, i heard about unpretty cookie co and i had to reach out to the owner, ayana edwards, to find out how her business began, what inspired her, and more importantly – how these unpretty cookies taste! in 2011 after a series of layoffs, ayana was short on cash – but fully stocked on the staples – butter, eggs, sugar and flour. she followed an old family recipe, held a bake sale – and after being received as a smash hit, she realized the real potential this business could have. that being said…. she also was fully aware that her delectables didn’t have the pristine, “cookie-cutter” aesthetic that you’d find in all the other etsy shops. instead of trying to be something they’re not, ayana decided the best tactic was to create a business that focused on taste. these are body positive cookies, if you will. these treats don’t need any bells and whistles… they love themselves just the way they are – and anyone who tries them would feel the same.

my batch was unreal. the hubby and i devoured a dozen and a half cookies over the course of three days which is embarrassing – but ohhh were they worth every single bite! we had 6 choco-pecan bars, 6 butter pecan toffee bars, and our personal favorite – 6 bacon chocolate chip…. which perfectly satisfied my taste for salty n’ sweet.

and the best part? the name unpretty cookie co was inspired by everyone’s favorite 90’s throwback jam: tlc’s “unpretty”. i know you’re about to throw that on your next spotify playlist. hopefully you’ll be rocking out to it while eating an unpretty cookie. follow unpretty cookie co on facebook and instagram, and place your next order through their brand new etsy shop!

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