#omgdessertgoals: nyc dessert fest 2017

dessertfest.jpgso many #omgdessertgoals were met this weekend at nyc’s 2nd annual dessert fest held at the dobbin street event space in williamsburg, brooklyn. my friend lily and i knew checking out this party was a must, and we spent the entire time gorging ourselves on various gourmet sweets.

with over 20 vendors, the entire main floor was filled to the brim with stand after stand of sugary goodness. there was an insta-worthy garden where we sampled juicy couture’s new sugar-themed perfume and took so. many. photos. by the official step-and-repeat. upstairs on the rooftop housed dylan’s candy bar and a palate-cleansing ‘salt station’. it was a great place to veg out once you hit your food coma.

but let’s be real – decór is a necessity at an event (literally) made for social media, but the true star of the show were the snacks. so without further adieu, here is the obnoxious list of everything i’ve consumed at – or after – dessert fest 2017: brazilian chocolate truffles from little treats, character macarons (pikachu thai tea and black sesame!) by stache of goods, green tea mochi ice cream by mochidoki, an 8-pack variety of gourmet peanut butter cups by jessie’s nutty cups, lily had a strawberry silk cake which was super pretty but i’m not a strawberry kind of gal, matcha and pb&j flavored ring dings from ring ding bar, a chicken & waffle flavored ice cream sandwich courtesy of coolhaus, and my two favorites (it was a clear-cut tie): a churro s’more by boqueria….. and ‘fish cone ice cream’ by taiyaki.

oh…….. my………. god. seeing this all written out is actually embarrassing yet, somehow, i have no regrets. (well maybe a little regret). but seriously, this event was so much fun and we will totally be going back again next year. to stay in the loop before next year’s fest, follow @omgdessertgoals on instagram – and don’t forget to follow me, too!


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