#stylerevival: nearly vintage d&g makes a comeback

when you’re a fashion lover, it’s basically right of passage that your closet gets out of hand every once in a while. lately, i’ve been prepping spring looks and adding new pieces to my wardrobe – all while realizing i didn’t have a single clue what i already had in my clothing repertoire. everything was all over the place, and a nice hearty pile was forming on my husband’s side of the room full of my things that no longer had a place to ‘live’. i realized i was having trouble piecing together complete looks because i couldn’t even focus when i peered into my closet…. i was so overwhelmed by the mess and the clutter that it was stopping me from having fun while blogging, which is the entire reason why i do this in the first place! that meant it was time for a major spring cleanout. i gave away a ton of stuff, made room for the new, and the best part!? i resurrected an amazing nearly-vintage dolce and gabbana belt that i splurged on in 2004 when i was a senior in high school. the term ‘vintage’ applies technically to clothing that is at least 20 years old… meaning my 13 year old belt doesn’t quite make the cut, but it is without a doubt the oldest piece i have in my current wardrobe. it might not count as vintage, but it definitely counts as a #stylerevival. i knew i had to style it immediately. i lost a lot of weight since my high school days, so i took it right to my local shoe repair and had some new holes punched into it, but beside that quick fix, this belt is good as new. i wanted it to be the star of the show, so i paired it with my favorite ‘skindigo’ jeans from american eagle and a solid cream-colored buttondown tank with a jazzy collar from forever21 (similar by Michael Kors here). i’m realizing the longer i blog that my ‘niche’ is styling looks that are attainable and affordable, even making them appear more pricey than they actually are. that being said, i do believe in splurging on statement pieces – designer handbags, quality shoes… (and occasionally, floral belts that won’t truly hit the spotlight until they’ve spent 13 years on the back burner.) what are some pieces you’ve had in your closet forever? do you still wear them today? if not – i challenge you to think outside the box, make it happen, and tag me on instagram using #stylerevival!

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