the brunch files: hamilton pork, jersey city, nj

this review is long overdue! a few weeks ago, the hubby and i decided to venture from our home in brooklyn heights to hamilton pork, in jersey city, nj. there aren’t many restaurants we’d cross state lines for – but after hearing about their churro waffle ice cream sandwich, we knew we had to make a day of it specifically to try this blogworthy creation.

a play on jersey city’s hamilton park, hamilton pork (which borders hamilton park) is a casual, no-frills bbq spot with some tex-mex flair. it’s small size makes for small-batch rotisserie, which we loved because the food comes out of the spit and gets served on your plate instantly. because there’s only one little spit, there’s no opportunity for meats to be sitting there on rotation like they do at some of the larger ‘chain’ bbq restaurants. at hamilton pork, the freshness factor is amped all the way up. we started with some cocktails and the kung pow chicken wings which were really unique. this restaurant has it’s own kung pow bbq sauce, and as a person who would rather spicy buffalo over bbq any day, kung pow bbq was the ultimate middle ground and we devoured every last bite.

our main courses were so epic. we each got 3-meat samplers and a side (… kid you not), and in an effort to try a little bit of everything, we made sure we didn’t have any repeats. stephen ordered brisket, pork ribs and pulled chicken – plus texas toast – and a side of mac n’ cheese. i opted for the lamb belly, turkey and pulled pork. i also got texas toast, and for my side i chose the mexican street corn. everything was unbelievable. for me, the standouts were the mac n’ cheese, the turkey, and the lamb belly which is a super unique menu option for a bbq joint!

last but not least……. after all that, we still managed to save room for the dessert. ((cue rihanna’s “this is what you came for”)) it. was. everythingggggg!!!!! two churro waffles stuffed with salted caramel ice cream. it’s the sugar high you always strived for. shoutout to our waiter, mario, who chanted “chu-rro-waf-fles // chu-rro-waf-fles” as we placed our order.

overall, hamilton pork was an amazing weekend brunch experience. jersey city is on the come-up, and hamilton pork is definitely a spot that enhances the neighborhood. the food is delicious, the service is quality, and the vibe is fun. many thanks to hamilton pork for hosting us! check them out on instagram for drool worthy bbq pics, and don’t forget to follow me, too. i can’t promise a steady stream of rotisserie, but i can promise steady, fun everyday content!

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