the rainbow latte: galerie de café

i won’t lie: i recently noticed an instagram post featuring the ‘rainbow latte’ and i had to find out where i could get one. do i lose a few points for originality here? sure…. but this teeny, tiny tribeca café is worth every single deduction. with coffee beans sourced locally right here in nyc (via dallis bros), even the plain old lattes are to die for. the interior is shabby-chic, featuring artwork done by children displayed along the walls. it has a a cozy, european feel throughout and let me not forget to mention that the pastries come courtesy of balthazarand amy’s bread…. two top notch companies. who knew all you needed was a little food coloring and some top notch barista skills to create instagram gold?! my ‘rainbow’ latte was more like ‘purple perfection’ if you ask me. it was so pretty to look at i hardly wanted to drink it! many thanks to galerie de café for hosting me. i will definitely be back! check them out on instagram, and don’t forget to follow me as well!

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