the brunch files: wynwood diner – miami, fl

while visiting the wynwood arts district, my mom and i stopped for a meal at the wynwood diner. what we thought would be a quick omelette to refuel turned into a really snazzy brunch at a secretly cool spot, so i had to write a little blurb to give the wynwood diner a shoutout.

contrary to it’s name, this restaurant is much more than a diner. set in the heart of miami’s most artsy neighborhood, it has three ‘scenes’ to choose from. the front is your traditional diner-vibe. the middle is considered the ‘cafe’ – patterned floors, mix-matched furnishings, a fully stocked bar, lots of natural light and even a fireplace with love seats…. the cafe is much more swanky than any ‘diner’ i’ve ever seen. the third and final section is an outdoor patio, which is necessary for a great floridian warm-weather dining experience. it has a laid back, almost tiki-hut vibe. another thing that sets this ‘diner’ apart from most is that, in addition to their interior design, the ingredients are also high-quality. with menu options ranging from your basic scrambled eggs & milkshakes to fried green potatoes, duck hash and even steak frites… the wynwood diner brings sophistication to your brunch and i was not mad about it.

we chose to sit in the ‘cafe’ and i had a major #cheatmeal by splurging on the buttermilk pancakes, which were totally worth it. mom had the ‘mean bean burger’ – a favorite of hers – and something that’s not often featured on standard menus, so she was super happy she found it and even changed her order once she realized it was an option!

overall, we loved this hidden gem in the heart of the wynwood arts district. i could totally see this being the hangout spot for local creatives, and as an artsy person myself, i was diggin’ the vibes! thanks to wynwood diner for a fabulous meal, top notch ingredients and a hip aesthetic. follow me on instagram to stay in the loop!

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