worth the weight: dō – cookie dough confections, nyc

if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard about …. new york city’s first ‘ice cream parlor’ style sweetshop dedicated solely to cookie dough. founded by kristen tomlan, this cookie dough is made with pasteurized egg product – eliminating all chance of salmonella, and making it completely safe to consume in large (ungodly) quantities. aside from the fact that i needed to try this immediately, i wanted to support (and blog about) this business because it’s the brainchild of a female entrepreneur who is a shining example of someone who is building an empire doing what she loves, while leaving her corporate ‘desk job’ in the dust.

this post is coming at you way later than i would have wanted. i had planned to check out dō during the opening weekend of it’s brick & mortar shop in greenwich village on sunday january 29th…. but was devastated when i found out that it was such a hit in their first few days of operation that they needed to close up shop until they re-stocked their dough! so i was set back by a week and wound up going on saturday, february 4th. i thought perhaps by then the hype would have died down, but it seems this is the ‘cronut’ all over again. my husband and i arrived at 2:20pm and the line was hundreds of people long…. spanning down the entire block to the opposite corner. i wasn’t about to have another setback. i prepared myself mentally and emotionally for this. i was leaving with cookie dough, whether he liked it or not. so we waited……. and waited…….. (and waited)

i kid you  not…. it was 4:45pm when we made it to the front entrance of the shop. tack on another 15 minutes indoors, and by 5 o’clock we had our dough in-hand! i opted for chocolate chip in a cake batter cone. stephen had 1/2 oatmeal 1/2 chocolate chip in a cake batter cone, and then (of course) we got some to-go containers: more oatmeal, and ‘salty & sweet’. my intention is to try baking these…………. but we’ll see if that actually happens! (update: i baked the oatmeal and dominated the ‘salty & sweet’ before it even had a chance. the ‘salty & sweet’ wound up being my favorite of all the flavors i tried.)

i was loving the interior design, and i wasn’t surprised at all when i learned that kristen’s degree is in just that! the aesthetic is modern, clean but colorful, with floral accents throughout. and my favorite: a giant neon sign at the entryway… a talking piece that every patron feels the need to take a photo of. i make no exception.

we had an awesome experience at dō and will definitely be going back… when the lines are shorter! if you’re looking for a fantastic alternative to ice cream (with gluten free and vegan options!) this place is a winner. in fact, i can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this sooner. major props to kristen and the whole dō team as they ride a rocket ship straight to the top of the (junk)food chain. your creation is dōlicious!!! follow dō on facebook and instagram for some major #dessertgoals and comment below with the next cookie dough creation you’d like to see featured at this boutique shop!

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