why 2017 is the year to actually keep your resolutions

resolutions are made to be broken, right? every december we make them and every february we break them. it’s this weird cycle that we almost get enjoyment out of. sometimes i feel like we make new year’s resolutions simply so we can talk about them for two months over brunch. i think we can all agree that 2016 was a wonky year. no matter who you are, there was a collective “hurry up and get the rest of this year overwith” happening everywhere i turned. new years’ eve was spent lamenting and ruminating. we’ve practically lunged head (and heart) first into 2017 with high hopes of it being ‘better’ than the year before.

now from my perspective, i had an amazing year. i planned my dream wedding and said i do to my best friend and partner in crime… went on an incredible honeymoon to turkey and greece, lost nearly 30 pounds, and put plans into motion to launch this very blog…. but i sympathize with the masses who felt last year was particularly rough. i get it, it makes sense, and were it not for the things i listed above i’d probably be right there with you.

so what do i do when i’m faced with doubt/challenge/bad vibes? i go above and beyond to outshine them. i guess it’s the competitive side to being a gemini. because frankly i’d rather have plenty of #humblebrags ready to fire off at all those springtime brunches than filling my winter ones with empty promises.

in a nutshell, this is why i think 2017 is the year to actually keep our resolutions. if we are going to lunge head (and heart) first with the highest of hopes…. we need to put in the work on the back end to create positive, long-lasting memories, achievements, and milestones that we’ll still be talking about as we’re ringing in 2018. memories, achievements, and milestones that are so great, they’ll take precedence over anything you’ll see on the news.  if you want next new years’ eve to feel very different than this last one – full of joy, reminiscing on the days that have passed – then the good times and good vibes necessary to fill these 365 days start now.

my resolutions: 1. keep the weight off – maintain – don’t get complacent, because the pounds come back way faster than they went. and 2. when the blogging gets tough and the content’s not flowing the way it needs to, keep the faith and find the post hidden in every one of life’s experiences.

one way i’m attempting to stick to my guns is by actively writing in a planner. usually i opt for calendars that can fit easily into my purse, but this year i’ve added an “at-home” planner to the mix. (get one of your own, and all the extra accessories, at michael’s) the “at-home” planner allows me to write down full thoughts, store extra paperwork, and really keep track of what i’ve done before which will keep this blog from being redundant. fresh is the key! feeling like i have a place to brainstorm, schedule and structure indigo heights gives me motivation to continue filling the pages of the planner – and the site – as we get further into this soft launch. if you have any 2017 goals that you’re working toward, adding some (really cute) structure to your scheduling – with room to map it all out as you go along – is a huge recommendation of mine.

if you’re like me and you’re looking to keep weight off and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are many day to day things you can be doing to keep this resolution going strong all year long. weekly weigh-ins are a super effective option that is much healthier than checking the scale every single day. friday is my favorite weigh-day, because on saturday – if all goes as planned – i can reward myself! nothing better than going into a weekend with positive vibes, feelings of achievement, and chinese food. another out-of-the-box way to keep this resolution? plan a trip! nothing motivates me more than knowing i’ll be donning a swimsuit. personally, this tip does double duty for me, as planning a trip also means instant new, blogworthy experiences.

are you trying to be more kind to people?

have you finally committed to running that 10k?

do you want to spend less and save more?

put your phone away at the dinner table?

whatever the goal, the temptation to quit is not welcome in 2017.

what are your resolutions? comment below! i’d love to hear how you plan to keep them.

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