cactus-in-a-box: the world’s cutest, prickliest, entry-level d.i.y

ever want to do a d.i.y project but, like, not really? enter cactus-in-a-box.

after an amazing tour of the desert botanical garden in phoenix, i had to stop into the garden shop and get a commemorative trinket. i wound up buying two really pretty mugs (one of which i gave up to my mom)… and i really wanted to bring home some sort of succulent to add to my collection, but i wasn’t sure how they’d travel (or if i’d even be allowed onto the plane with it). so to be safe, i purchased this convenient, easy and adorable do-it-yourself kit. as expected, planting my own miniature cacti was a breeze! so breezy, it may not even be a true d.i.y….. check out my step by step photo documentation below!

step one: unbox!

step two: use about 2/3 of the provided soil to create a base for your new prickly friends!

step three: gently position your cactuses where you’d like them to ‘live’. for the brave bunch, a light grip on your plant won’t really hurt, but to go the safe route – a pair of kitchen tongs makes for easy placement!

steps four and five: use the remaining 1/3 of your soil to anchor your succulents, patting and packing the dirt in with your fingers until the plants feel secure. then, insert the provided decorative pick into the soil to add a finishing touch to your fresh pot!

to purchase your own similar kit, check out arizona gifts!

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